Mobile Application Development

We design native and hybrid mobile applications. what is native and hybrid; Native applications are those which utilizes the platform features fully and use the platform specific language, for example; Android uses Java/kotlin and iOS uses Swift/C#. while Hybrid applications are those which does not utilizes the platform features fully and are intended to be developed fast and handle normal business operations and are little cheap to develop, they use languages/frameworks like ionic,react,flutter,cordova.

The designing process will be guided by the following steps till completion.

1. Project Analysis

Here, we collect all the required information for us to develop the best solution design for your needs.

2. Project Costing

Based on the proposed design, we then share with you the reasonable price and it won't be out of your budget.

3. Project Development

We develop the design based on the agreed solution using agile methodology, we prefer this approach as it allow us to test and confirm with client on every designing iteration.

4. Project Delivery

After completion of the project, we hand it over and if it requires any sort of training, then we will conduct it for the agreed number of days and conditions.